Monday, February 22, 2016

Pai Rosehip BioRegenerate Oil

Rosehip oil has been a staple in my skincare routine, since I finished my last tube of Rosehip Plus (from TJ maxx), I started to look elsewhere.  Pai (an UK brand that has its own website and Amazon store front) Rosehip Oil seems to be a good choice. The Pai Rosehip Bioregerative Oil is CO2 extracted and has a rather simple ingredient list that consists of rosehip seed and fruit oil, vitamin E and rosemary extract.

From my brief Google trips. CO2 extraction is a newer method that utilizes pressurized/liquid CO2 to get the essential oils out of a plant, while minimizing heat damage. The A'Kin Pure Radiance rosehip oil that I got from TJ-maxx (for 10 bucks) boasts the same extraction method so the 40-dollar Pai doesn't seems to be all that special here, except for the packaging.

I think the frosted glass rather attractive and it forces me to use it up in 3 months (as theses tend to go bad with sun exposure). The white pump, while fully functional, seems prone to leaking (when you put it in a toiletry bag) around the ring-shaped connection and stain (thanks to the brightly colored content).
The texture of the Pai Rosehip Bioregenerate oil is viscous but not more so than ones from other brands (A'Kin and Sukin), the color does seems much more orange which I guess shows the abundance of beta carotene. On the face, it absorbed well as long as I limited to 3-4 drops , the orange tint blends away easily. It's effective smoothing away dry flakes and make the acne marks fade much faster. Basically, it does exactly what the other more affordable rosehip oil does, while the rosemary extract gives off the same Chinese kitchen smell (as A'Kin) that takes quite a while to go away.

Overall, I like it a lot but I guess the difference in quality doesn't quite correlate to the much higher price. I would probably just go back to Akin/Sukin (that is, if I can find them in Marshall or TJ Maxx) when I run out. In the mean time, I will enjoy using it while I can and try to only stand it upright.


  1. I adore this stuff - it turned me onto Rosehip oil. I did find that this cleared up scars faster than the other brand I'm currently using.

    1. Whenever I use rosehip oil I notice my dark mark peel off faster (it does seem a little more effective with pai) for now I am trying not to give it too much credit since I am also using an vitamin c serum (andalou) that's giving an noticeable effect. I kind of want to switch to triology next since it's available at wholefood.


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