Thursday, February 11, 2016

Lip Smacker Stackable and Revlon Colorstay with Pump

Some Rite Aid sightings 
Some Mickey and Minnie Lip Smacker balm that are actually cute? 
They are 5 dollars a piece and also have the Winnie the Pooh and (Lilo and) Stitch
Sushiroll asked for pictures of new Colorstay, so here they are. If it weren't for the label right next to these (new version with pump!) I would never know these are new.
The whole range is big and confusing. Beside the wide (enough for drugstore but it doesn't go very deep) array of shades, They are also separated by designated skin types (dry, combination and oily) and shades names and numbers are the same for those different formula. Guess what, the same name/shade number between two different type are a little different just looking at the bottles...

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