Saturday, February 20, 2016

Butter London Tinted Lip Balm - Strawberry Field & Axis Kiss

If you wonder what is with the flashy pictures, my DSLR batteries were dying (they were five year old and now they manage to last for 10 minutes per charge)so I have to snapped out the backup Panasonic. And since I have yet to bond with the new GF (more like I have been pretty committed to my Sony wife), it was a little hard to work with...While I tried to focus the shiny lipsticks, the "Glittering Nightlight" mode was the only one that worked...I guess I wouldn't mind all the bling, if the colors turned out were accurate (they are not, the color are much more muted in real life). At the end, I bought two generic backups so the Sony is good as new.
The two Butter London Tinted Lip Balm were finds from TJ-Maxx at around 4-5 dollars,  they normally retail for 20 bucks each, which is something I will never go for (not saying they are bad, it's just hard to shell out the full price once you are used to the TJ/Marshall discount).
The tubes are glossy black with a metal color band, the middle ones has coating that scratches off very easily. 
The two colors I picked up (more like whatever were not picked over) are Strawberry Field, a clear warm wine and Axis Kiss (mauve pink/muted rose with a slightly more creamy base). In terms of texture and smell, they are somewhat like MAC cremesheen with the vanilla scent and medium buildable coverage.
I am not sure why they were called balm since they are hardly moisturizing. On cooler days they even wore like demi-matte.
Strawberry Field looks a bit more orange. I don't think I enjoy the glossy bleeding effect all that much. So if the packaging was any worse, or if had a slightly more disposable price tag (like Wet n Wild). I feel like it will end up in the trash sooner or later. That must sound so wasteful to many people but I can't bring myself to use it up (if I don't like it) or give it to friend (too gross).
Axis Kiss is more opaque but doesn't appear milky. The color is nice but I have a lot of nice lipsticks that are more flattering than this. At the price, the two lipsticks gave me joy and happiness when I scored the deal and I had much fun taking glamour shots of the pretty little things... But was it really worth it?

Nowadays, I am trying to break that habit. 8 dollars isn't too much to lose but if it's something that I know I won't be reaching all the time (cream and liquid will go bad before I have a change of mind), and they are occupying the limited space I have. In comparison, all those pricy palette (powder shadow last forever, I insist) sound so purposeful...


  1. I think the colors are pretty! Too bad their formula isn't better. Oh well...

    1. The formula isn't bad as all, just not significantly better than lip butter to worth the 20bucks. Plus the shades are a bit boring...


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