Friday, January 01, 2016

Winter Roses from Lucy B and Lush

Happy New Year for people who still stick around. After weeks of warm weather (and one of the muggiest Christmas) the temperature finally dropped, which means it's finally ok (to me anyway) to play with some fragrances. Of course,  I am incapable of writing long paragraph, describing effects of rows of chemicals. The reviews will be short as usual.

The Lucy B Royal Peony and Rose Mandarin Musk roller ball was a from Marshalls (check out queue). The most prominent note is the crisp and sharp rose, balanced by the slightly musky base. I can't tell the peony part (do peony have smell though?) and I guess mandarin is part of the crisp/sourness in the  rose. 

It's very fresh without being boring and it doesn't induce headache! If you see it at Marshalls or TJ-maxx for 5.99, it would be a pretty good deal.
The Lush Imogen Rose is a much heavier rose solid perfume. It has the appearance of waxy potted balm, with a murky pinkish red tinge. According to the back label, it has the shelf live of a little over a year so mine is about to expire...I find it a little liberating actually.

To me, it's a powdery rose with a wood/ash base (or incense), then maybe a dash of musk. It's really unique one that becomes nauseating when I put on too much. I imagine it's something a fortune teller, like Sybill Trelawney, would wear. 

In the poorly lit room, she would dab Imogen Rose on her pulse point, before gazing at the crystal ball/binoculars looking for Uranus...

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