Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Rimmel Spring Brights Go Tropic Lipsticks, Circa and Iman Palette

More spring 16 releases.
 Spotted at Duane Reade - Rimmel Limited Edition Lasting Finish by Kate Spring Brights Go Tropic Lipsticks. I am really tempted by these since I usually love their colors  but the formula don't quite agree with my lips...
Conditioning Balm, 34 (slightly creamy peach coral), 35 (medium blue pink)
36 (brighter hot pink), 37(orange red), 38 (nude peach). I realize that lipstick releases are just the same colors with minor variance (but they all look so different that I can't stop buying them)
Circa Brilliantly Flawless BB cream and primer 
Iman Deja Vu (yes indeed) Lip Kit - So I guess drugstore brand like lip palette this year?
Another display of Revlon Gel Evny top coat and nail color.

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