Monday, January 04, 2016

Rimmel the Only 1 Lipstick, Oh My Gloss, Super Curler and Brow This Way

Spotted at Rite Aid - Rimmel he Only 1 Lipstick that promises color, comfort, moisture and wear 
Red Beige and Berry 

Coral, orange red and bright pink. Since this replaces the Moisture Renew lipsticks (which I liked enough to have a few of), I will try the coral one...

Lipliner in the same display 

Oh My Gloss formula with argan oil (again)  
Non Stop Glamour, Stay My Rose, Pink Up, My Eternity, Captibate Me, All Night Love
Ohh La La, Rebel Red, Go Gloss or Go Home, Timeless Allure and Crystal (Clear?) - They all have shimmer so I will skip all of them.
Super Curler 24 Mascara and eyeshadow crayons

Brow This Way powder, pencil and brow tint

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