Sunday, January 10, 2016

Essence Blush - Groupie at Heart

If I am not mistaken, Essence Blush in Groupie at Heart was from the Justin Bieber collection (remember that SWAG highlighter?) from Holiday 2013(hey it wad only two years ago)... I had it for quite a while, retook my pictures last spring with cherry blossoms and all. Now, I am finally ready to put my five-sentence review.

Groupie at Heart is a hot pink, one with a punchy base instead of a blue-fuchsia one. Normally these kind of colors hard to work with and require the lightest of touch. Thanks to gray squirrels (and may them rest in peace), it shows up very seep-from-within with the ultra fine bristles. The warm and bright color almost has a jelly quality even it contains some silver shimmer and is hardly creamy.
Groupie at Heart with Essence Renesmee Red and Besame Crimson rouge (looks scaringly red but blends out to a clear pink).

Just like any Essence powder blush, quality is decent. Then again it has been a long time since I last review any craptastic blush formula(many summers ago there was a limited one from Maybelline, melon something, that refused to show up after 10 layers). I am running out of hoarding idea when it comes to blushes(that's s good thing I guess). Maybe I will stick with the cream formula and patiently wait for future releases from Milani and Wet n Wild.

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