Monday, January 04, 2016

Covergirl Simply Ageless, Queen Collections and Oh Sugar Lip Balm

From Rite Aid - Covergirl Simply Ageless foundation, because nothing says ageless like a photoshop overload. 
And the Internet Explorer of makeup company finally jumped into the sheer lip color bandwagon, with the Oh Sugar Vitamin Infused lip balm...It's at least somewhat refreshing when everybody else is doing matte liquid lip color...
I might get the coral and orangy red one if there is a sale. 
Queen Collection lipsticks and mascara 

The blackberry looks cute on the Aveeno skincare.
New Sinful Colors displays (probably only the sticker is new)


  1. I'm curious, is Covergirl cosmetics popular in America? I'm from Australia, they aren't that popular (not as popular as say Maybelline) but it still does sell well. It's mainly the older people who buy it, young ones not so much.

    1. It's not that popular (but that could also be the fact that they don't PR the shit out of each release)just looking at the shelf (but then again most brands are well stocked) and not hearing about people raving about anything from the brand. But I guess they still have a huge budget to hire all those megastars?

      It's funny because there are lots of brands Nuance, Circus, Colour Prevail (in the Walgreeens) that looks like they are worse off than Covergirl but they are still in business/hogging expensive shelf spaces.

    2. I bought a covergirl product today, the Covergirl Jumbo Gloss Balms. It's actually not that bad, i quite like it. Not too sure if it's getting discontinued but it's still in stock in Australia. I think Covergirl is the only brand that makes sheer lipsticks at the moment, every other brand is moving onto these high pigment rich matte lipsticks etc which is starting to get a bit boring. I got it in Ballet Twist 205, a very sheer nude shade, the type of shade that Pat McGrath would use on the runways for some of her shows. I still like Covergirl products, their Lashblast Volume waterproof mascara is still my HG mascara. I used to use Covergirl Aquasmooth Foundation and their Clean Powder but my skin tone has changed due to wearing sunscreen constantly and no longer can find a match. If you ask me, i find Covergirl quality to be pretty much the same as the rest of the drugstore garbage out there....Maybelline, Loreal, Rimmel etc lolz. I find the other brands just have slightly better packaging and advertising compared to Covergirl. Maybelline is definitely the most popular drugstore brand in Australia, followed by Rimmel and Loreal. Essence is also very popular because it's cheap as chips. Revlon is popular too but too expensive for younger people- they charge us $20+ for lipstick down here.

    3. Drugstore garbage lol...Maybelline and Revlon used to be my co-favourites for a few years. Now the juices just died down and I guess they are still a little more appealing than the others. I wouldn't mind some essence but their limited collections haven't been seen in my local store any more.

      I think Wet n Wild has been great at coming up new colors but I thought their once-creamy eyeshadow are getting chalkier...At least I still like their powder blush.


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