Friday, December 04, 2015

Majolica Majorca Puff de Cheek Flower Harmony in Cherry Mix

No it hasn't snowed yet (in fact I am getting a heat shock in the library this very moment), this was a picture from last winter. Apparently I don't like writing about blushes as much as I like grab-them-before-they-are-gone-forever. Speaking of which, I need to start touching that limited edition MAC one I bought back in June.
The Puff de Cheeks (with their tin packaging and pillow puff) has always been one of Majolica Majorca's signature products. For their winter 2014 collection named Heart Hunter, a newer range of swirly blushes, Puff de Cheek Flower Harmony, were released. You know (or now you do) my usual drill with MJ: I grabbed the limited edition first to prevent future regret. Actually, I usually buy at least one item from their seasonal collection because the ad visuals are way too cute.
Just the picture of the puff (which I don't use), separated from the blush pan by a thick plastic sheet.
The limited shade was RD401 Cherry Mix, a combination of soft pearly white, satiny peach and matte coral red. Unlike the standard Puff de Cheek that are a little matte and sheer, the Flower Harmony has a softer texture that's very easy to grab and blend. With a soft natural-haired brush, the powder literally melt into the primed (sunscreened) face and provide noticeable dose of color and a very nice glow. It looks healthy and easy to wear but the color (and warm coral red) tend to look like sunburn on me.
All three shade mixed, the red alone and peachy ring.

Overall: The quality is good and the color is easy to wear and it's rather affordable at 15-18 bucks (then again, some single-digit American blushes aren't bad either). Now I want to go back for the peach and pink one.

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