Saturday, December 12, 2015

Kiss Me Heroine Make Eyelash Serum

 Lash serum are those one-out-one-in products in my rotation, they don't give a drastic result after a certain point (of the length)but still handy when I want to makeup for the abuse/pulling I have done. Since I depleted my last drop of DHC lash tonic, I got another Japanese drugstore one. Kiss Me Heroine Make retails around 10-12 bucks online (and can be also found in Asian drugstore for around 15). 

Unlike the American lash serum I have tried, which are usually panthenol-based. The Kiss Me Heroine Make serum features several oils (camelia, rosehip and evening primrose)suspended in a -cone base. You would expect a greasy formula just looking at the ingredient list (don't have one in English since I bought it from the HK seller AdamBeauty), but it's actually not the case at all, thanks to the applicator.
The wand is a big and curved test tube brush type. It distribute the product evenly to the lash and brows(I use these for both to finish it before it goes bad), leaving it well-coated and totally weightless. I can proceed to mascara right away(in the am) or go to sleep without having my eyeballs stung or my vision blurred(a bonus feature from many American drugstore serums). 

The texture is also great for taming my eyebrow, both have gotten a little wild thanks to my newly implemented no-arch tweezing policy (I always mess up when I tweeze anyway so I might as well keep the natural shape and only tackle the Frieda Kahlo and tails that sprout way out of place).

So, I do enjoy using it and would probably not repurchase(there are so many choices out there with so many pretty tubes, why commit?). However, their mascara remover is becoming a staple though, I misplaced my tubes and removing waterproof mascara with cleansing oil + cotton pad + manual intervention has been a pain in the back.


  1. Do you think I should look at Asian options? I just started using a cheap one from Boots No7. I still have to see if it actually works. One good thing is that it doesn't irritate my eyes although it smells bad and is full of parabens. ;-/

    1. For the packaging, yeah. I think I just depleted all American drugstore choices (rimmel, wet n wild and loreal, which either sting or applies like drool)and I am not willing to pay big bucks on those prescription-like formulas...After this tube, I think it would be either avancé or majolica. They tend to work, looks pretty in the tube and aren't any more expensive.


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