Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Elf Glossy Gloss in Berry Blush

Another product of my after-meal evening walk (to grocery store and the Marshalls, I think I am kicking this out in my routine gradually). Elf Glossy Gloss ($2.39 at Marshalls 3 dollars elsewhere) is another product that seems cheap enough to try. Packaging is significantly nicer than their 1-dollar range, with a solid tube and textured cap that's not rubbery.
The applicator is the standard brush.
Berry Blush is a nudy peachy red without any shimmer the texture is thick and somewhat tacky, nothing unbearable. Keep in mind that I have high tolerance for stick factor, given how the sticky one are usually good at filling lines, not to mention usually are longer-lasting. I think the formula is decent but nothing spectacular that makes me want to go back for more (another reason is that the rest of the line up are dominated by very deep and bright colors). 
On the lips, Berry Blush tints and gives enough red to brighten up the whole face, but it's not too red that requires a perfect canvas (I love lip color that can wear with less-than optimal skin condition). The color really reminds me of my old favorite Revlon Nude Lustre that was discontinued back in 2009-2010, the color isn't that similar (with Berry Blush being slight deeper) but they are all neutral without being nude and very easy to wear.

I like it enough but I guess only this shade in this range.

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