Monday, November 02, 2015

Visee Glossy Rich Eyes in PK-2

Since the whole point of affordable makeup is that you end up buying several (and not saving any money at all) items from the same range, of course I didn't stop at just one palette from Visee's Glossy Rich. My second is PK-2, a peachy-pink (or rose gold) combo.
Color break down from top left going clockwise.
1. Pinkish white beige cream-powder base. This is smooth and literally creamy, it applies thinly and gives a nice base to other shadow.

2. Heavily metallic gold with flecks more visible when spread out.

3.Warm medium brown (maybe with a pink base). This is drier and less creamy than the rest but still effectively defines and shade. 

3. Golden pink - While I like the idea of blushing eyes, I am not sure about eyeshadow that literally works as blush. This is the same color like Milani Luminous and Benefit Coralista (not quite like Nars Orgasm because it's redder, has a drier texture and more flush-like).
While none of the shade in PK-2 has complex micro-shimmer (compared to the PU-4), I think the texture is more even across the board that all of them are pigmented and easy to work with. The creamy texture of Visee is especially apparent maybe because I just got lazy and start using finger for most of the shades (except the liner).
I have used this palette for around five times already and I get different feeling each times. The palette as a whole does a good job enhancing without being heavy (that pretty much applies to most Japanese eyeshadow I guess), I am not sure if I like the color combo.

 The gold is really warm, on the cooler days it looks more yellow. The blush-like lid shade can look like eye infection if I am not careful (I am usually heavy handed but always ended up overblending to sheer things out). I guess when it comes to rose gold, I prefer something with more of a beige base or mauvy-pink base instead of an orange coral one.
Well, PK-3 doesn't look bad in the photo though.  And a few hours after application, it does gain a lovely glowy finish as the color melt together.
Application is the usual gradation. 

Overall: I am still debating if I like it or not. I might enjoy it more during summer (when the circulation is better so there isn't that purple tinge in my skin tone that make both warm and cool colors really bright). The formula is quite lovely, that's for sure.


  1. The pink shade in this palette is really lovely!
    I think you appreciate makeup itself and enjoy playing with them (rather than being stressed out doubting maybe you have too many, which the idea I sometimes torture myself with). So I guess all is well.
    Out of pink/taupe/brown palettes you've collected these days, which is your favorite (from the Japanese drugstore range)? :)

    1. I havent gotten that many drugstore palettes(ok that us an outright lie, I have 12, just not too many neutrals) I really enjoy Majolica BE700(just goes so well with the sallow/purple fall/winter skintone I have) and visee nudy rich in be-5. I have two integrate ones (both beigey)but I need to take pictures first before I start using them...

  2. This is the very one I skipped, having already owned Visee's Glam Glow Eyes PK-1 ^.^

    1. Ha, at least you exercised some restrain! I think I will cave in for visee holiday palettes though, if they ever show up on ebay.

  3. Pretty! I'm a giant fan of quads like this with a pink tone. Love how wearable soft pinks are especially with browns! I've seen and heard good things about Visee and that these quads are affordable!

    1. The texture of visee is excellent at this price point! But I prefer the colors combo from shiseido and kanebo brands though, those just work more harmoniously.

  4. am loving your asian eyeshadow palette series (you do have quite alot!). My only asian palette so far is a BE-4 Visee (recent nudy eyes series). Am looking to branch out, but Visee seems to have my heart, so I am also waiting on the holiday palette:D, Am also quite ambivalent about pink shadows, I feel like on me I look like I have pink eyes, or am an old lady still in denial over my age:D.

    1. I don't really like straight up pink but I really live reaching for rosy mauve and rose gold when I want to wear something on the lid (and dont want to coordinate lip/cheek). Pk-2 is really orange after layering with the gold and brown so it looks a bit weird...Beside the visee holiday I think all I need is the fall 15 palette from majolica then I will be set for this year....

      The shadow binge is a combination of better brushes and older lids (my lids used to be a lot puffier but now they are less hooded than how they were, so my the folds don't hide all the colors away)...Not to mention, I tell myself that they have the near forever shelf lives and works as sunscreen...


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