Friday, November 27, 2015

Topshop Chameleon Glow - Shuffle the Cards and Wax & Wane

Ever since my introduction to Japanese palettes, I have developed an insatiable appetite for multi-colored glimmers. While browsing on Weibo (my favorite source of beauty related lemmings/the bane of of existence for my bank account), I noticed these glitter balls from Topshop...

With further research from "blog-blogs" in English speaking circle (apparently many Chinese girls in the e-worlds loves excessive photoshop, falsies and flamboyant lenses, which I find distracting), I concluded that these were the new shiz therefore I needed them in my life... Topshop has its own website in US but I decided to take a look in store anyway, since it's on my way to my defaut hang-out place in the city (the Carnegie Hall). As the visual confirmation is well worth the sales tax.
I managed to snatch Shuffle the Cards (last one in stock!) and Wax & Wane. I have seen another green one featured on those UK-based blogs but it appears to be discontinued. 

I am totally confused about the highstreet definition since the items in the store seem rather pricey(a thick blouse was 80 bucks). These eyeshadow are 12 dollars a pop (more than 13 when tax is included)and have the same package quality as elf. One of the baked pan also fell off the second day I got it (which was also observed in weibo posts). 

For 14 bucks, I can already get a decent palette from the drugstore, which designs packaging that are much more durable and pleasant. Luckily the actual product is redeeming enough for the price tag.
Shuffle the Cards is described as a rose gold. Unlike many shadows bearing this description, it's not a glimmering pink or a blush like shade resembling Nars Orgasm. It's a strong peachy gold with a cool pink flash. There isn't much of a base color as the whole thing is composed of fine glimmer (with peach and gold being more prominent). 
As expected with a product like this where there is no powdery base underneath, the texture is somewhat dry and doesn't have a creamy spread. The intensity of the sheen also makes the glimmer appear chunkier than it really is (the particles are actually very fine). It's very easy to apply with finger and it's not difficult to control (it doesn't end up on my brow). 
Wax and Wane is a mauve rose that flashes lilac (but the lilac also turns teal in certain angles so these are more than duo-chrome). The glimmers in Wax and Wane is more subdued than Shuffle the Cards so there is more base color (pink) and less flashy glimmer, resulting a smoother texture. Both shades work wonderfully by themselves, for that really strong sheen and can be added on top other shadow (which I rarely bother to do). 

They are actually really nice for the price as I can't find anything similar at this price range. Mac released something like this (Disco shadow?) for around 20 bucks during summer and I completely missed it out/never saw it in store). Do give them a look (and gentle shake to make sure the pans doesn't come off like mine) if you are in the store.
Fuzzy swatch during sunset. No more eye ball swatch because thanks to the shorter days/sun tilt, I only get 10 minutes of direct sunlight into my living room in the afternoon(if I actually get home to catch it). Maybe I should start swatching during lunch break and hope it doesn't get too cold or suspicious in the parking lot.


  1. Ooohh if you want glittah I'd totally recommend the Lunasol Geminate Eyes--these quints have a sparkling top wash (center pan) that's just gorgeous!

    The other day I wore 05RB (Ruby), just the top wash on my mobile lid below the crease and then smudged the liner shade onto the outer 1/3 of both top and bottom lash lines. I was lazy that day and skipped the primer, so the shadows went straight onto my bare lid. Granted with the sparkling top wash being translucent and I was applying it without primer, so I had to pack it on with a kolynski brush. But by the end of the day, it had blended into a layer of "dry gloss" on my lids, if that makes any sense. You know those magazine editorials with the model looking like they had a goop of gloss on their eyes? Yeah, it was like that, only *without* any goop or oil or grease. It was so damn pretty! I'm going to try and repeat the look with primer and see if there's any difference.


    1. Both cat eyes and ruby are on my list (might have to wait till next year because I bought way too many eyeshadow palettes). I wanted to asked you for your verdict before I cave in for the visee holiday but saw it was the last one in alphabeauty (so better late than never)... Actually I am trying to slow down on lunasol purchases, their compact (lavender coral and beige beige, the older releases) scratch up so much when I put it in a bag with other stuff....What a sight.

  2. Sooooo pretty! I love LOVE duochrome shades especially that green-brown type shade. I haven't seen much of topshop's beauty in the last year so I haven't seen these at all! I love how it looks, I'm sure that those shadows would be great over a brown or purple base!

    1. The beauty part of topshop is quite small (then they do have an extensive range of lipstick)so it's hard to overlook. Since I have the wet n wild comfort zone I am set with the green brown one (it's more like teal-brick red). I suspect I won't use these that much because I am so lazy that I only reach for palettes...


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