Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Shiseido Luminizing Satin Eye Color Trio in Pink Sand

Well,my neutral experience with Shiseido Lumining Satin Eye Color Trio (I like how it looks but I get very little use from the two deep purple) obviously didn't stop me from having another one. 

Actually, I bought the two around the same time so there wasn't that much reaction/reflection time. Out of their colorful, daring (either too bright, too neutral or too pastel) range, RD711 Pink Sand stood out as a fairly unique and wearable combo. The colors are not so deep so I knew I can at least wear them sheerly.
The light-weight square compact is actually quite sleek (for the price range). It's a deep purple with the Shiseido camelia stamped on lower right. The sponge applicator is simply craptastic, which is strange as I really like the pillowy sponge applicators from Shiseido's drugstore brands.
Pink Sand contains a bright medium pink, (a very unique) pink tinged silvery taupe and a soft peach. All three shades have luminous finish but the pink is (pigmented) clearer while the taupe is softly metallic. Texture is soft and very easy to work with. It seems that after a while on the lid, the colors warm up and melt into a very subtly glowing finish.

As long as I take it easy on the pink(actually there is enough pink in the taupe already), I get a very wearable but not boring silvery pink eyes. The pink works well as an accent on lower lash line or layered on top the two neutrals.
I actually went overboard with the pink because it was Saturday morning (hence the bloating). I think beside the unique taupe, the other reason I really like Pink Sand is that there isn't a deep liner/contour shade in the palette(which I usually only dab a tiny bit each time). I just appreciate compositions that ensure even usage. 

So, I really like this one and will keep an eye Shiseido release any new shades (that I can wear) in the future.

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