Saturday, October 31, 2015

Wet n Wild We Are the Wild Cats Color Icon Eyeshadow Trio - Bohemian Wrapsody and Freestyle Wrap

According to a reliable news source (Reddit), today marks the 40th anniversary of the release of Queen's Bohemian Rhapsody (I have no clue what I am talking about...) so it's the perfect time to be wrapped in blanket, typing up reviews pretending not at home(didn't buy candies). But seriously, what kind of kids (apparently the kids in this neighborhood) start trick-or-treating at goddamed 12 noon?!

Wet n Wild Bohemian Wrapsody (from their fall We Are the Wild Cats collection) is a gorgeous trio of bronzed neutrals. 
The shades from top to bottom

1.Misty gold highlight. The shade is soft by design but isn't necessarily lacking in pigment. Upon close examination, it's like mini gold leaves floating in a clear vanilla base. This is my favorite shade in the trio and what makes the purchase worth it.

2. A chocolate brown with matching micro glitter(more coppery in color). Blending is tricky with this that the glitters travels much further than the base color.

3. Soft, slightly metallic taupe with silver micro-glitter, not that special /consider Wet n Wild has realsed many well-loved taupes). Unlike the past trios (creamy and very easy to spread) or six-pan (more powdery and softer) have tried, the texture on this is drier due to the tightly-packed powder. I can still get some color with a horse-haired brush or fingertip so application isn't too big of an issue.

Bohemian Wrapsody is a pretty palette with three shades I can use (not all at once on my small lid space). They just don't layer well (I didn't expect them to) as they either turn muddy and the glitter would travel allover my temple. Now you know why there isn't an eyeball-pic with this (used it this morning and had to wipe off right away).
Freestyle Wrap was love-at-first-sight but it didn't turn very well. The palette has the same drier, tightly packed powder that's much worse during application. Not to mention the top two shades are barely usable.

The shades from top to bottom

1. Peachy beige with chunky and blunt white, peachy gold and lavender glitters (same type as the ones found in dollar-store craft glue). Only the glitters show up so I found this color waste of time and space.
2. Sheer medium purple with same type of glitters. Again, pigmentation is so poor that you only get a clear thin film of color. This is another totally unusable shade that doesn't work as a base or labeld shade(with my limited skill but then there is no adherence either).

3.A complex (as complex as drugstore shadow goes)dusty purple with a touch of taupe and silver shimmer allover. Texture is still dry but better than the top two, this is a pretty and defining shade that's very flattering when padded on top of a softer base (I have a lot of Maybelline color tattoos and I don't mind pairing them with powder). Color wise, it's similar to Rouge Bunny Rouge Delicate Hummingbird though texture is thinner.

For most of the Wet n Wild eyeshadow palettes I bought, I usually only use one shade anyway so I don't consider FreeStyle Wrap a fail. I just make sure to always buy them during discount. 2 dollars for a single isn't bad actually. 
Packaging shot. Nothing too fancy but solid enough. I wish they will toss the sponge-brush applicators already since they usually end up straight to garbage.

Overall, these are usable palettes, each with one redeeming color, beautiful enough that stops you from dismissing them. They perform fairly for the price I paid (40% off from 3 bucks each) but I think I much prefer the softer texture of their older trios (either the Gilded Age from 2011 or ones released before their 2010 brand revamp). You won't lose anything if you miss out or if you choose to buy it. 

Bottom line: Will try to depot.


  1. Darn, that's too bad! Freestyle Wrap looks gorgeous!

    1. Luckily I didn't set my expectations too high(the spring palettes were pretty only in the pan anyway)so I get what I wanted/paid for. They would be such stunner if the palettes have similar texture as their regular trios though...


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