Tuesday, September 15, 2015

MUA Brush Cleansing Balm, Covergirl, Lip Smacker and Asian Skincare in Marshalls

Spotted at CVS, UA brushes and a cleansing balm (I guess it's a waxy/oily formula to dissolve cream product in synthetic brushes, should be disastrous with natural hair).

It's 11.5 bucks with a 2 dollar coupon availabe
New balm from Lip Smacker
New outlast longwear lipstick by Covergirl

From Marshalls - They have My Beauty Diary masks (lol at that "calling the white with the black" label on the black pearl whitening mask) and B&C Laboratory Collage-Rose face massaging mask (from what I understand/not much) these don't have to be washed off. This is the first time I see Japanese drugstore stuff in Marshalls (I always restock my Shiseido sunscreen/facial wash there). 

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