Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Maquillage Essence Glamorous Rouge Neo in PK 323

Maquillage Essence Glamorous Rouge PK-323 was a cart-filler from my Rakuten haul(I was buying a palette and a lip brush and felt like I needed to even out the ems shipping). When the range first got released in 2011, it was almost thirty bucks (with the exchange rate and markup at the time) and now it's around 18. So no buyers guilt! See? I am trying not to buy high end lippie when I have so many drugstore ones I love.

The Essence Glamorous Rouge Neo has gold lid with purple body (while the regular Essence Glamorous Rouge has shiny silver lid). It's light weight and pladticky but I still kind of like it's toy-like (Sailor Moon's silver crystal anybody?) quality.
 The wand is big, curved and cushy. Preety effective at holding and dispensing product. The gloss itself is scent free, jam-like and isn't particularly tacky.

The Essence Glamorous rouge doesn't look any nicer than the American drugstore glosses (I probably prefer the American ones as the colors are bolder and juicier) I like it because it wears nicely and makes the lips more plumped a few hours in.
PK 323 (pulls pinker in the picture) is a soft coral pink. It's delicate enough to be worn with other eye makeup but I find it just a little too bland. I will wear it as a lip balm during cooler seasons, as a part of my attempt to use the stuff I buy.

Overall: It's an ok color in a nice formula (that's a little more understated despite the presence of shimnery bits). I might still cave in when they have a different LE tube though.

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