Tuesday, September 08, 2015

Josie Maran Argan Infinity Creamy Lip & Cheek Oil - Endless Guava and Always Cherry

You all know I love cheek/stain and slather my face with oil (just bought another bottle yesterday)  so when you combine the two: Josie Maran Argan Infinity Lip & Cheek Oil. 

When I first saw the line up in Sephora, the paint tube packaging instantly got me, it's cute and it also contains 18ml of product,
making it quite affordable per unit volume as it's 18 bucks a piece (let's not think about how am I going to finish it before it expires).
Out of all shades available, Endless Guava, a bright pinkish coral, jumped at me first.  Actually, most of these shades are going to look the same/like a deep flush once blended out with the exception of a newest lilac (wasn't out when I took this picture), which gets blended into oblivion.
Endless Guava freshly applied on the lips. Since it's essentially pigments dissolved in the cream-oil (most oily than it is creamy since it's hot up here), it also wears like an oil on the lips, getting absorbed, dried up very quickly.
This is Endless Guava after it's on the lips for a few minutes. It still looks even and the stain does stay on for a while. Not as good as conventional stains but it isn't drying or uncomfortable (note, it's really humid here so nothing is drying at the moment). On the cheeks, it's a brightening reddish coral flush that stays very well, the finish is dewy initially but dries up quickly(because my skin is quite dry).
A few weeks after my initial purchase, I grabbed Always Cherry (cool-leaning red) since it looked nice on the back of my hand. Texture of this is the same: Squeezed out semi-creamy but applies more like oil. There is a faint lemon scent and sweet taste to it.
My tube of Always Cherry seems to separate more as I constantly needed to squeeze out the oil to get actual stain. On the lips, the application is somewhat blotchy that you can see the pigments sinking into the lines. Anyway, it's fine on the face as it's blended anyway.

As a lip stain, it's usable but it will get drying when weather starts to cool down. I feel that I still need a lip product to have a "base" for it to work.

I personally love it as cheek stain but I feel it will only appeal to people whose skin are dry. I just dot a small amount on each cheek and pad to spread (the usual blending will spread it onto your whole face), that will give me a happy flush and I can skip facial oil for the day. My skin usually drinks it up very quickly so I can just head to work and use sunscreen later on the day with no problem. If your skin is anything but dry, I can see it creating an oil slick (used under makeup) or ruining your foundation.

So, this will be a ymmv product(Temptalia slayed it but her skintone/type preferences are so different from mine). If your skin isn't oily, Endless Guava is worth a try, especially for the upcoming season.


  1. I've always been curious about Josie Maran cheek/lip stains. Too bad their geared more towards drier skin types... I would have loved to try this out!

    1. Their cheek gelees are really lightweight (pigmentation is poorer though). I don't feel that they market their product for dry skin though(it works out that way). More like for people who don't mind looking like bronzed, beachy dew-balls.

      Hello, people need to wear sunscreens when they get out!

  2. This comment has been removed by the author.

    1. Love both colors on you, although I'm slowly learning that I don't like liquid lip stains, because they're too drying...

    2. I don't like lip stain either, I wear all of my stains on cheeks almost exclusively, I just do lip swatch if they are workable...


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