Monday, September 21, 2015

Butter London Cream Blush in Piccadilly Circus

Another budget find from TJ-Maxx (at 4 bucks!) - Butter London Cream Blush normally retails for around 20 dollars and can be found in ULTA (which I no longer live closed to). The blush comes with a shiny square compact with round edges, which doesn't take much space and is easy for storage.
To illustrate the mirror shine. I was having too much fun hiding in that corner of bush (how else am I supposed to get that bokeh in the after noon) that a lady walked up to me, looking all concerned and asked me if I "needed help". Aside from the palette hoarding problem, I think I am alright.
Piccadilly Circus is a straight up red (that looks neutral to me). Having tried many cream blushes formulas in the market. I am glad to see that the formula of Butter London is indeed different from the rest (not necessarily better but I always like a bit of variety) and it's a nice one!
 The texture of the blush is a light gel that feels non-sticky, slightly moisturizing and perfectly pigemented to show up with one swipe. Unlike Besame Crimson rouge (which is super pigmented and dries to a slightly powdery finish), this one more or less becomes weightless on the face, leaving no dew or patches that's hard to blend out. So it's as user friendly as Canmake while being less tacky. The color also stays neutral red flush, which makes it different that the reds from Canmake/Besame (bother turns a little brighter/pinker on my skin).
(Wait, my ashy skin is back?) Canmake Clear Red Heart, Picadilly Circus. Canmake Clear Pink Joy and Besame Crimson Rouge


  1. I didn't know that they were making blushes. I'm terrible at cream blushes, so I probably won't pick one of these up. But they sure look pretty to look at! :)

    1. But they (butter london and canmake) are quite easy to use and looks really natural! I have to ask myself to stop buying cream blush since the shelf life is much shorter than powder, but it has been difficult...

  2. You are such a great bargain hunter! Although I personally would like another Canmake cream blush for myself, I don't think I could resit it if I came across a deal like this. And the color is gorgeous, too! :)

    1. I think I just stalk my tjmaxx/marshall often enough to see those. My best find so far has been the shiseido benefique foaming cleanser that usually is 30+ in stores/20bucks in marshall....I found a sealed one on clearance for 7 bucks (I guess most people don't realize it was shiseido).

      Yeah, the butterlondon blush is pretty great(even for a cream blush veteran). Would love an orange one(not full priced though).


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