Monday, August 10, 2015

Majolica Majorca Pressed Pore Cover

Majolica  Majorca Pressed Pore Cover is a product I bought solely for the adorable packaging so I kind of knowingly kicked myself in the face. Anyway, the packaging quality is superb (well, it's slight more pricey for me, when it comes to drugstore makeup), the black plastic is glossy and the coppery emblem is securely attached and doesn't seem like a cheap sticker. The new moon and the color theme reminds me of Luna in Sailor Moon.

 The compact opens into a wide angle, revealing a decently sized mirror. It comes with a square sponge and a plastic sheet to separate the sponge (that's to be tainted with sebum) and the pressed powder inside.

There is only one color available and it's somewhat beige-white that appears translucent on the face. As you can tell from the pictures, I bought it in the middle of a snowpocalypse so it was a terrible time to test out something that's meant to control oil/diffuse pore. Actually the visible pores on the side of my nose never bother me enough to require a product for them.
So, while it didn't diffused any pore (well, my skin gets crazy dry during winter and pores is always the least of my concern), it managed to enhance every bit of dry flakes that I had/didn't know I had. After a waiting it for a few months, I have tried the powder for the humid summer and it fares much better/blends in more seamlessly (on top of a sunscreen).

The main problem with this pressed powder is actually, me...I don't really need a pressed powder on top of an already mattifying sunscreen. So for the mean time, I have been mainly using it as a mirror around my room.

Overall: I am a sucker (don't we all know it by now?).

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