Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Lipstick Queen Pink Saint

I am usually really iffy about/ seldom look into gift sets ( same with gift with purchase and subscription box), as I rarely like every item in the particular set (hence not really getting a good deal afterall). Anyway, since the Lipstick Queen QVC introductory set (also called Chic in Three Shades) was quite a bargain and already includes a shade I really want, I guess it didn't harm to get introduced to a brand for 24 bucks.

The Pink Saint the second tube that I tried. And so far, so good.
The Saint formula is a sheer one with 10% pigment (but looks quite opaque to me despite the lightweight and slightly glossy finish). All all them have a somewhat  rubbery metallic tube that's has a rubber sleeve inside the cap (no screech and scratch).

The Pink Saint is a creamy, completely shimmer-free(no micro glitter whatsoever) pink that almost everybody calls it neutral or warm toned...And for the longest time, I thought (and still think?) it's mauve?
Pink Saint, Revlon Balm Stain in Honey, Nars Rikugien and Gosh Tea Rose

On the lips, Lipstick Queen Pink Saint is creamy, smooth and incredibly light weight. The color is my lips but paler and pinkier(also less purple), just understated and noticeably polished. To me, the most amazing aspect is that it offer coverage but doesn't appear milky (float on top of skin) at all. I never buy creamy pink lipstick so I don't have much to compare this to...That doesn't mean I am any less impressed though.

Overall: I am thoroughly impressed by the saint formula and I think I will enjoy other colors in this range as well. Before I cave, I think I will try the Endless Summer line(saw them at Urban Outfitters!l) before it gets all chilly here.


  1. Love love LOVE the Saint lipsticks!!!

  2. I think deep red is next on my lists, I might as well pick it up in store (if it's available) since the obscure shades don't go on sale and I have to pay sales tax buying from their site anyway...

  3. I have the (regular?) red and I LOVE it!!!


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