Friday, August 07, 2015

Canmake Cream Cheek - Clear Love Song & Clear Pink Joy

The internet doesn't really need another raving review of Canmake Cream Cheek Clear but I think mine is special (as it comes with matching background). Having tried three of them, I can say that while this isn't my favorite cheek color, it's certainly the all-rounder in terms of price (never more than 10, even with markup), packaging (small, light and easy to carry), volume (around 2-3 grams so it's something that actually gets used up) and performance.
The two pink ones I acquired are 02 Clear Love Song and 04 Clear Pink Joy.
The newer (so far they only had one minor change since the introduction of the range) packaging has the heart shaped sparkle pattern in the front and a bow clasp.

Clear Pink Joy is a deeper raspberry pink that shows up as a dolly flush. It's quite pigmented but nautal-looking. The finish is slightly dewy but never slick(on my dry cheeks).
The two Canmake with Josie Maran Pink Escape

02 Clear Love Song is a warmer guava pink that looks quite similar to 04(hence the different background to help me differentiate the two). I am not sure if it's neutralized by my skintone, this appear pigmented as a swipe but much sheered once blended.

Overall: Will continue to repurchase. (Or Maybe I will try Visee next time).
Bonus flower picture for the weekend.


  1. They are very pretty! I really like the translucent finish of this clear type Cream Cheeks. I still love my Clear Red Heart.
    Do you think Pink Joy or Love Song is any close to Revlon cream blush in Flushed (just color wise)? I want to buy the dark cherry shade but might get a pink one as well. :)

    1. Not at all actually, I actually find revlon flush more flattering than the two(02 is warmer and 04 is more berry and flush-like. But clear pink joy is the closer one of the two) because flush is simultaneously neon bright/sheer/foggy I guess I just don't like the excessivly -coney slip, so I ditched it.

      So yeah, blushes are all the same....but all feel differnt.

  2. Just picked up the newest Cream Cheek #14 (in the regular line and not the clear series) only to realize I already have one. Woops!

    1. You just reminds me that I was has that shade in my mental list as well(got distracted by all the eyeshadows). Brb, I need to "browse" alphabeautyuk ...


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