Friday, July 24, 2015

NYX Stick Blush in Pink Poppy

When did I buy it? 2012 I think. If I reviewed it back then, my verdict would probably be more favorable as I hadn't tried other cool cream blush formula back then. 

Anyway, the nyx blush stick is unique on its own(doesn't mean it's good though) that it has a harder stick that's either creamy(like nyc blushable cream stick), dewy or -cone-filled. Texture wise, it's like a less oily version of Tarte pushup cheek stain or a harder take on elf cheek color).

Pink Poppy is a shimmery peachy pink that pulls a little berry on me(or maybe it's berry all along and only the golden shimmer makes it peachy). It looks like a standard medium pink flush and is easy enough to control.

Pink Poppy(the least pretty of all in terms of finish and wear) compared to other coral cream cheek color. I had to use liner because the camera wouldn't focus on my arm.

  Kiko gives a flustered look but the slightly frosted finish also helps to conceal small blemishes. Canmake also has the frosted finish but the color appears more cutesy in a superficial(sitting on top of skin, not blending in as it's intended/designed)way.  Shu Uemura Tint in Gelato has both of a froggy cone-like wear and a natural flush-like quality, not to mention it blends really well with my foundation(aka the strong white cast of Shiseido sunscreen)so I really like that.

Overall: Pink Poppy isn't a bad product but with so many cream blush in the market, it pales in comparison. 


  1. Featuring something and making us want something else - that's a talent, Mina! LOL I want the Shu blush so bad!
    Your cream blush collection is impressive. I just started with this, so I only have three - Canmake and 2 Revlon. :)

    1. The swatches are actually for the Shu Uemura tint in gelato (and I would just not write about the NYX) but then first there are the eyeliner strokes and my lip swatch for blood orange came out ugly ( pale matte lip just looks weird up close)...

      I have tried most revlon (all shade except for the coral reef, which will look like sunburn on me)and left them (wish I kept Flushed though) because they are too sheer for me to bother. But the canmake clear is definitely one of my favorites...They are as good as the more expensive formula...I just wish they won't melt in during the hot summer.


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