Wednesday, July 22, 2015

L'Oreal Glossy Balm in Innocent Coral

A while ago, I was on a punchy pink/red kick (now I am sick of it and haven't even used everything I bought) and L'Oreal Glossy Balm was one of the purchases. Package wise, it's the same as most other chubby lip crayon with the twist up mechanism, the metallic print on the tube scratches off very easily(which means a no-repurchase, as it gets on my nerve).

Innocent Coral is a reddish pinky coral without any shimmer. The texture is lightweight and glossy. While it's not opaque, it somehow still appears milky (plastick-y?) on my lips, which I personally don't like (as I prefer something that melts in and blend with my own lip color). It sits alright (comfortably and all) on my skin and doesn't dry up into a thin wax layer, it just fades and wear off like most sheer lip color (maybe a little quicker than Revlon lip butter as it's thinner).
Rimmel Apocalips in Stellar, L'Oreal Colour Extraodinaire Coral Encore, Innocent Coral and Rimmel Matte Lipstick 109
L'Oreal Innocent Coral (swatched back when it was cold, hence the ashy skintone). So this is another product I am lukewarm about: The color is alright, formula is alright (packaging is not because of the print part). The formulation is unique (in a sense that the 1-dollar Wet n Wild lipstick has a unique formula)but in no way special. 

Since I have many other sheer lip colors in this shade family, I don't reach for Innocent Coral all that often (haven't touched it since the initial swatch). You might like it, if you haven't tried the sheer coral red from Revlon or Maybelline.


  1. I have this in Pink Me Up. I am planning to talk about it soon. I actually like the formula but I'm not so crazy about the color. Which is a flattering shade for me, but I just don't think the color is special or anything.
    I keep looking at Coral Encore because it's so pretty, but any Extraordinaire has to wait until the weather cools down. It it definitely a cold weather lippie for me.

    1. I actually do like coral encore, this one is actually quite muted/boring even enough it's a bright shade. There are so many things I want to wear once it cools down(mainly thick oily cream blush and eyeshadow....but when it's actually cold, my skin gets all ashy and purply....).


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