Friday, June 19, 2015

Vera Moore, Tini Beauty & Pur Mineral at Duane Reade

More Duane Reade spying. This time is some less-heard off brands that are quite expensive for how they appear. I would never buy them full priced but I am just keeping a mental note if any of those end up on clearance.
First there is Vera Moore cosmetics with extensive range of products (that are alright to me).
 Colorful eyeshadow
Lip Gloss
Tini Beauty (inspired by cocktails)
 Double Shot Gloss Duo, Topper Lip Gloss
 Nail Kit (there are also some single nail colors)
 Random insertion of Vincent Longo tools (at least that lash comb looks really sharp)
 Pur Mineral Eyeshadow
Makeup brushes (starting at 16 bucks) that all look scratchy...

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