Friday, June 05, 2015

L'Oreal Infallible Eye Crayon - Forever Taupe, Impressive Brown and Everlasting Rose

L'Oreal Infallible Eye Crayons are limited release from this spring (linked to spy cam post). I think they retailed for around 7-8 bucks but I found them at the clearance bin at Harmon for less than 2 bucks a piece!
Packaging is nothing special (it can be sharpened!). Luckily the lid is clear so you can see what color you are getting. The formula is very much like offering from Urban Decay and Milani: Smooth, pigmented, budgeproof once set and long-lasting enough (for a whole day). 

The special part about these are while these are what I call boring neutrals, the nuances are unique enough that I do favor them over other drugstore taupes/pink I have (don't own any high end to compare and don't feel like buying). 
Forever Taupe is a shimmery gray taupe. While this is a little sulky (my skin brings out the purple in eyeshadow)to be worn on the lid heavily. The various sizes of shimmery particle give an interesting dimension so I like it as a smudge liner. 

Impressive Brown - This is a velvet like brown taupe that looks a bit burgundy, eggplant and antique gold depends on the lighting. It's super complex (in my stash) and just lovely as a single lid shade. 

Everlasting Rose - Is more coppery than most shimmery pink cream shadow (so it's like a true rose gold). On the lid, it has a nice balance of rose, beige and gold so it creates a blushing eye look that's pink enough but not reminiscent of eye infection.

So, I love them and decided to go back for the brighter shades(I can always wear them as eyeliner).


  1. Dang, they are so pretty! How did I miss them?! Maybe some of them will end up at the discount store I frequent. I shall not lose my hope. :)
    Do you find the formula flexible enough to give you time to blend the color in? I used to have tarte chubby pencils but got rid of them because they set way too soon.

    1. They looked pretty boring on the display so I imagined most people would just skip it(it only looked nicer once it's worn). As for the setting time, it depends on the color...Forever taupe is creamy and easy to blend (but turns sheer and into sparkly gray wash), everlasting rose is intense and set very quickly (so it got a little patchy...and the patch was longlasting) impressive brown is in between...The texture is slightly different between the shades.


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