Sunday, June 14, 2015

Fresh Sugar Tinted Lip Treatment in Rosé Extreme

Fresh sugar tinted lip treatment is one of those items that I have looked at / swatched many times in Sephora but never quite pulled the trigger. I was afraid that I will buy it, take the glamour shot and just leave for it to rot in the heat and only reach for Revlon and Maybelline (what happened last summer). 
This year, Fresh released a limited Rosé Extreme, with bold rose print allover it (I am a sucker for this kind of stuff) so that sealed the deal for me. Anyway I also bought it with a miniscule discount as a (not very important) Beauty Insider.
Rosé Extreme is essentially the same thing as rose (a mixture of muted red, pink and bit of beige in translucent base) Instead of lemon cream, this shade has the matchy rose scent that's a little soapy to the nose but none the less pleasant.

The formula is a highly slippery/greasy one that wobbles a lot in the tube. During warmer season, it applies thickly onto the lip/like a jelly and softens the dry flakes. During winter/early spring (when I actually need something thick), the hardened bullet wears more of a sheer tint that prevent moisture loss but doesn't actively hydrate.
Peripera Pink Butter, Rosé Extreme (are you sick of the accent yet?) and Lipstick Queen Medieval. While it's quite sheer in this arm swatch, it becomes a lot more melty in the summer heat. So the color I get is more intense and glossier.
Rose (obviously I gave up) extreme partially applied 
On the whole mouth (It's rather hot and humid today so there aren't much lip line and the balm applied more thickly).
Rose extreme as a base for Revlon lip butter in Berry Smoothie (I should have picked a less slippery one). In the past, whenever I was trying to justify a purchase of a lipstick more expensive than 15 bucks, I always asked myself "It is going to be better than Revlon?" . Nowadays, I no longer fuss over that and (try to) just accept products for what they are. For the record, I do think this is better than all the post-2014 Revlon releases.

I don't think it's anything spectacular but I like the muted color, hefty tube(the print on the back is already wearing off) and even thick/glossy formula became something I appreciate: It gets plenty of uses I am already 1/3 through!

Last week, I spotted this mini set at Sephora. Guess how many milliseconds did it take me to reach the "I need this" decision?


  1. I like these okay but think they are horrendously overpriced! A $22 lip balm? No thanks. My lips are middle class LOL

    1. I like to think this way: 11 bucks goes to the floral packaging (and the made-in-France holiness) and the other 11 goes to the balm (still overpriced but at least I will use up the whole thing at this rate). So it's still better than those 3-4balm that I don't use all that often.


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