Wednesday, April 01, 2015

Radiant Raspberry & Orange Aglow - Maybelline Color Elixir Lip Color

The Maybelline Color Elixir Lip Color range has been out for quite a while...Nothing in the permanent range has tempted me (they are either too neutral, standard or shimmery for my liking). So far only the shades from limited edition shades seem interesting to me. 
Anyway, Radiant Raspberry & Orange Aglow were from  last year (2014) Summer Bleached Neon Collection, I waited and waited for a sale...and the sale never happened. Anyway, a year later I was able to find them both on Amazon (brand new, sealed...It was quite a deal consider finding an unused lip gloss in the store is as hard as finding a good sale nowadays). 
Well (I think the color in the picture is a bit off or it's just the monitor), I think the review would be still kind of helpful because the two shades looks near identical to the two limited Color Elixir for this spring (Rebellious Raspberry and Citrus Revolution)...After all, Maybelline has a track record of re-releasing limited shades from previous year. Like I Crave Coral Color Whisper and Seashore Frost Color Tattoo (then there is also that limited Baby Lips collection they released over and over again for the past three years).

First to the package, the Color Elixir comes in a plastic tube housing 5-6ml of product. The cavity is shaped like lipstick and I like the weight and feel of the metal caps.
The wand is curved, diamond shaped, cushy. It grabs and deposits a decent amount of product and feels quite comfortable on the lips.

Radiant Raspberry is a medium-pigmented bright raspberry pink (coral pink?) with a bit of nude base.  The color is bright (I either spread it out thinly or it's kind of washed out by direct sunlight?). The color payoff is great, texture is creamy, non-sticky and somewhat fluid...there's a noticeable baked sweet scent that wasn't bothersome to me.
(sorry I gunked on a lot here)Orange aglow is a orange coral cream that is actually a wearable nude shade/doesn't wash me out too much. Texture is a little thicker but it's still reasonably smooth and not sticky at all.

I was thinking how it's probably similar to some of the bolder shade in the discontinued Color Sensational Gloss line (since the texture is rather familiar to me) but after some comparison, I have decided that it's much more reminiscent of the older formula of Revlon Super Lustrous Lip Gloss

Well. Love these and I am glad that I get the Super Lustrous gloss back(that's how I jot it in my mental notebook)...But I still wish Maybelline would bring back the jelly formula of their color sensational gloss.

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