Monday, May 26, 2014

Maybelline Bleached Neons Summer 2014 Limited Edition Collection

Spotted at Walgreens (three weeks ago...) Maybelline Summer 2014 Bleached Neon Limited Edition Collection
What seem like a bunch of limited edition color Elixir (I think I want all the coral-ish ones)
Two Color Whisper lipstick in Peach Punch and Pop of Poppy (want!)
Two pearly Color Tattoo (that I am 90% sure that are identical to last years release, one of the two is the same as seashore frost...Oh, I think I have six of those summer 2013 color tattoo that I never touched...)
Color Show Nail Colors 
All limited edition Master Glaze Blush and Bronzer Sticks
Master Bronze matte bronzing powder
(Beside the display, the products aren't new) Volume Express Mascara the Rocket and Chromatic Eyeliner

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  1. Nicer range of polishes than the four we got in the UK. Whole range looks quite nice


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