Sunday, April 12, 2015

Project Show (No) Pan

"Project 10 Pan can kiss my ass." Said Fuzkittie, who is a well loved and once-formidable blog presence.

While I love looking at pan-fest on other blogs (especially on actual pans in eyeshadow and powder blush)I am never disciplined enough to do such project (finishing up 10 products completely before getting more). Basically I will buy whatever craps I want/my budget allows (my taste in toys is rather low-end), use whatever I feel like using. I will use and/or use up things when I do and toss whenever it's gone bad. That drill, including the tossing part, would generally makes me very happy.
Anyway, here are some products that I like enough to have significant usage (no pan in this post, sorry), so you don't think all I do is hoarding (admittedly, I do get myself one toy every other day. Just got a cute NYC lip gloss for a buck!)...I will spare the toiletries because those kind of thing get used up anyway (either on body, underwear detergent or as toilet cleanser) and the bottles usually get to the bin right away.
First here is the fragrance (and I could not find the lid for either of these). Elizabeth Arden Honeysuckle Green Tea is half gone (used most frequently during the crisp Texas fall/spring...Might use it during summer here if it doesn't get too hot/humid).

I had YSL Baby Doll for 9 years (my first real perfume) and it includes two of my favorite note-family: Citrus (grapefruit here) and roses. One spritz is enough to last for a whole day and I usually use it during winter. I thought that maybe the sweetness just goes well with a thick scarf, then it occured to me that. Winter (when scent particles don't travel as fast) is the only time that the smell won't knock me down with a headache. It might take another 2 years to completely finish it up but I think I would repurchase. Excuse the stickers/the aesthetic of a teenager, alright?
Essence cover stick concealer (so I had/loved it for four years and still haven't finish it up) is an easy-to-use, effective concealer that works great on top of sunscreen and below blush. I will most likely repurchase (as it's only 2 bucks) when I run out (in a year?), and hopefully in a shade closer to my skin tone.

Demeter Bulgarian Rose is a sharper take on roses, which is usually powdery/granny. Still a mililiter or two left in my bottle. Might repurchase (but I have never seen place that sell it in New Jersey).
Too Faced Eyeshadow Insurance (not sure how much left but the tube feels much lighter) has been in my stash for 6 years...Why is it still not going bad!? Well, I will use it while it's still usable and jump to (partially used) Milani primer next. Luckily I don't buy primers in bulk.

L'Oreal Glossy Stain in Coral Tattoo - Didn't remember using it all that often but it already started to smell funny so it's going to the bin. 

Essence Stay With Me Lip Gloss in Candy Bar - There are still some at the bottom that can be dug up with lip brush. I am using it till the last drop because when slathered on, this thick formula is really good at smoothing out my lip lines. Probably won't repurchase (because I haven't seen Essence here, and I just opened up a back-up of Revlon Coral Reef in the old Super Lustrous formula)

Revlon Super Lustrous Gloss (newer formula) in Kiss Me Coral (2/3 gone) - The formula is light, watery and moisturizing and the color is rather flattering (most Revlon coral/orange are). I mainly use it as a "wet thing" for my winter raisin-lips and it seems that it will be gone with a few more uses (there isn't much in the tube anyway).
Sukin Rose Hip Oil (half gone) - Great (not as smelly as the Akin version) moisturizer for the dry flakes on the face. This is actually my second bottle since I reviewed it last fall. Will repurchase if I see it in Marshalls again (otherwise I will just try the Pai on next).

Botanical  Society Argan Oil (1/8 bottle left and decant into smaller bottle) - Things like this get used up very quickly when you use it as mascara remover and on your legs.

OM She Hydrating Face Serum - Such a winter savior. It pumps up the skin with moisture and also works for lips as well. 

Lastly, the L'Oreal Lash Serum (my third) was a comfort blanket for my lash pulling habit, as well as a instant brow groomer (with the wetness). It helps conditioning the hair a bit but doesn't do much with growth (maybe I am just getting immune). It's replace by a Prestige revitalizing brow gel and a lash tonic by DHC.
Family shot. Hopefully it's at least somewhat refreshing among the spy cam pictures (and endless reviews of the endless junks I buy). The fruits on the back are actually not artfully placed background (I try way too hard for my pictures)...More like the only flat surface in my apartment with decent natural light. Normally there would be also an asparagus bonsai (better than keeping them in the fridge) but I didn't see them in the farmers market this week.

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