Friday, April 17, 2015

L'Oreal Infallible Pro Matte Gloss - Fuchsia Amnesia & Tantalizing Tangerine

The two L'Oreal Infallible Pro Matte Gloss (hey do we have an oxymoron going on here?) were both clearance basket finds from Harmon (at around 4 bucks each). Admittedly, I didn't have a thing for matte lip color (now I do!) and mainly got them because of the clearance price. To my surprise, they are kind of awesome.
The two shades I picked up are Fuchsia Amnesia (a powdery pepto-bismol pink) and Tantalizing Tangerine (orange red) both free of shimmer.
The (strangely anatomical) wand of the Pro Matte Gloss is soft, squishy and pointy (perfect to fake a defined cupid's bow, if I tried a little harder). The gloss are heavily scented, a familiar powdery sharper floral that I have sniffed from the brand before. The formula for both are cream-coney, like the smoothness you get from talc or a silicone-rich dry touch primer. It feels very light-weight on the lips and not drying at all (since it's sitting on top, it's not moisturizing either but I never expect a matte lip color to be).
Fuchsia Amenesia was a bit of a surprise (because I got it, just to see how trashy it looks).  It's looks modern (more like it looks mod) enough for daytime wear and the bright pink actually brightens my skin a bit. This shade seems smoother (probably because of the lighter, more white-based color) on the lips and doesn't travel or fade but...Unless you drink or eat.
Tatalizing Tangerine looks less forgiving (because it's a darker shade and my lips generally get affected a lot by surrounding temperature or lack of humidity) but it wears equally well. For most other liquid lip color that dry matte, they can look/feel like dried up paint...These L'Oreal ones feels like a pasty-gloss...millions of mini crumb formed into a uniform finish. It's seemed like a pretty unique formula with great wear. 

Overall: I think they are pretty cool toys, maybe they are great toy that I just don't like to pick up frequently. I had my fun time and will got back to glossy/moisturizing sheer red and corals...Because I am boring like that.

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