Thursday, March 05, 2015

Butter London Lippy Lip Gloss - Secret Door

While Jersey is being hit by another snow storm, let me show you some pretty greenery (over due reviews with pictures taken back in Houston...Nope, I don't miss Texas weather at all). Butter London Lippy was a Marshalls find that I bought on a whim (I mean, I do need a no-frill clear gloss after a massive clear out anyway).
Even though the packaging for Butter London is simple, I do like the details they put inside the paper box!
One more picture because bokeh!

Standard brush tip applicator. The gloss (scent-free, by the way) is just like any other thick gloss. It's sticky but settles to a glassy finish. It usually does a decent job filling up my vertical lip lines (but probably not sufficient for the winter here).
(Sorry for the zit) Secret Door is a reddish coral- so sheer that the color no longer matters, it just add a slight warm red tint on the lips anyway. I have been mostly treating it as a clear gloss I use (as a base) or just something wet to put on. It's a basic that I could use.

Secret Door as a base for that Revlon Matte Balm Audacious

Tulip from Chicago (just because the color matches)


  1. Juicy, juicy! :D
    If the BL gloss is scent free, I'd love to take a look at them. For some reason, I thought they were heavily scented!

  2. Nah...I would say skip them ( free of fragrance but it still smells like any glassy thick gloss/plastic), they are pretty generic (even for five bucks at TJ maxx) texture, finish and pigment-level wise. Revlon glosses are much better (even after their watering-down reformulation).


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