Saturday, February 21, 2015

NYC New Expert Last Lipstick, BB Radiance, Waterproof Eyeshadow & More

 A rare sight at CVS - a clean display of NYC cosmetics (I guess it's because it's at the brand's home base? Doesn't make the products any more tempting though).
Expert Last Lip Color  in Berry  (looks new), Forever Fuchsia  (not new)
These have Satin Matte sticker on it
Red Flame, Air Kiss, Blue Rose, Snowcone, Flirty, Sugar Plum
Cityproof 24 Hr Eyeshadow (liking Brooklyn Mocha because it a shimmering taupe) but I am not sure how the texture will go...
Black, purple and blue.
Expert Last Lip Lacquer in nudes and softer pinks
Deeper nude and reds
The side is for the nail color
Big Bold Angel Lash mascara
Smooch Proof Lip Color
Face Products like BB Cream and powder
Separate display I spotted at CVS, for the BB radiance powder and BB cream

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