Saturday, February 07, 2015

Anna Sui Rock Me Summer of Love Eau de Toilette

It's a bit random to talk about the "Summer of Love" (This is the perfume with that scaryass Agnes Deyn poster) while there is another snow storm coming (there is always some snow storm!) but I just need to get the review over with. I have had a fair bit experience with  Anna Sui perfume (gorgeous and girly/juvenile bottles, fruity, short wearing and oftentimes smells like Claire's stores). I got rid of all of them but it seems that as soon as I see a sale (in this case, seeing them for around 13 bucks at Marshalls), I caved again...
Look at that silver mist on the butterfly!
Nicked from Rock Me Summer of Love "opens with bergamot, aquatic hyssop and geranium. A heart blooms with freesia, water lily and white peach, while a base encompasses musky rose, sandalwood and ambergris." To my insensitive nose and boring soul, the perfume smells a bit peachy, somewhat ocean like and very synthetic floral...In short, it smells like any ocean scented shampoo from brands like Suave or VO5...

It's nice and summery scent that reminds me walk down the beach/pool (especially the shower that leave you refreshed but still smelling like cholrine/salt water), when the sun heats you up and the humidity makes sure that the cheap shampoo smells linger on and on...I mean, I kind of like it and use it for a few time (not as short-wearing as the other Sui scents) but I grew tired of the flat scent.

Bottom line: Best toilet refresher I have ever used.
I like the tiny details of the nozzle. Gold and purple is such a dreamy match.
I wish I could have kept the box un crushed...


  1. LOL. It sounds a little harsh but I have to agree with you here. I like good perfume bottles and had a more than a few Sui perfume but ended up sending all of them away except for the original Anna Sui, which is quite complex and even gothic. ;)

    1. Oh, I do agree the original is dark and complex. It managed to make me quite I ended up giving it away. Anyway, someday they will come up with a scent I like, hopefully.

  2. Love Anna Sui, my sister has this one and I love it. Too bad I can't with any perfumes.

    1. Well, I guess it still depends on body chemistry. All the scents I tried smell like Claire's.


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