Thursday, January 01, 2015

Style Wurks Brushes, LA Girl Lip Paint, Beauty Brick and more at Harmon

Harmon is a discount beauty store in the east coast (I think, or maybe I am making things up again) and I stopped by one, while my friend was doing her grocery two days ago. The store is small, crowed (but not in a big-city-Chinatown-grocery way) and it feels so homey (or at least my home, filled with cheap and interesting junks, in addition to all the new drugstore releases)...Here is all the stuff from miscellaneous brands that I spotted (for the rest I would group them by brands, for the sake of archiving).
StyleWurks brushes (which aren't exactly cheap but they look really well made. Like Real Technique minus the rubber base). 
Bunch of face powder, blush and kabuki brush with zipper pouch.
Various kabuki - Normal, retractable and retractable skunk (for powder, bronzer and highlighter). For 9-15 dollars, I guess I will still stick with my Too Faced and 3CE.
Sponges in various sizes and shapes. Five bucks each.
It has been years since I last seen Posh brushes. They are incredibly soft (more so than Sonia Kashuk) but the red lacquer handle cracks once exposed to water. Price is on par with HEB (which is a really cheap grocery store by Texans standard).
LA Girl Glazed Lip Paint (around three bucks. Totally interested.)
LA Girl Beauty Brick Eyeshadow Collection in Nudes, Ultra, Smoky and Neon
Color Club Seven Dedely Sins Collection
Clearance LA splash nail color
Looks, the EOS holiday set is on sale for 5.88! Well, I didn't get it since I used to get these for free with CVS's promotions (and I do have a stash of lip balm I need to run through, many of which are untouched).
 Lip smacker lip balm and roll on lip oil (which brings back memory of my middle school/high school times)
ColorSave lipstick sealer (now it seems that we are at the at-seen-on-TV zone)
Colorless mascara
Rapid Lash serum for 36 bucks (Apparently they do have some expensive stuff there as well)
My haul (the matcha and LE Pokey were purchased as Mitsuwa, photographed as space filler) which includes necessity like the Freeman Enzyme Mask and toys (99 cents after tax. Should I go back a set to use as keyboard duster?) I think I controled myself pretty well.
They also have a stand just for Freeman. I noticed that the Charcoal Black Sugar mask are in a smaller tube now.
This looks new, the Facial Brigtening Mask with golden grain.
Freeman Foot Scrubs
New packaging for the Mint Julep Scrub
Grape Seed, Olive Oil and new look for oatmeal and honey scrub. Anyway, more pictures to come since I have spotted many more releases, just have to organize the pictures by brand...Happy New Year everyone!

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