Saturday, January 17, 2015

Physicians Formula Argan Wear, BB, CC Cream, Eye Booster and More

  Physicians Formula tend to do a whole-brand revamp (replace at least 50% of their line up with new collections) every year, to keep up with all the fads. Now the new thing is the Argan Wear makeup.
Gittery argan oil and plain (I looked at the ingredients) Argan oil. I assume they would be around 10-14 bucks not including promotion so it would be a good choice if I run out my current bottle.  Not crazy about the (or any) BB cream though.
Ultra Nourishing Bronzer and Blush. As always, they have a pink one call rose
And a coral one call natural.
Organic Wear BB cream and mascara with BB brush...
Spotless CC Cream 
Eye Booster Instant Lash Extension Kit
Sexy Booter mascara and eyeliner
Nude Wear foundation, powder and luminizer
More BB and CC...Well, since I no longer live close to a CVS. I guess I will be skipping all of these(the blushes all look the same as previous release that I don't reach for anyway).


  1. The blushes look so pretty! But yeah, I don't need any...

    1. PF blushes all look the same after a while so I think I am immune to them now.


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