Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Kiko Velvet Stick Blush in Peony

Kiko Velvet Stick Blush was another gift from Lily. It's a twist up cheek color with a dome shaped tip (and a lot of plastic packaging for a small and no-frill product). The dome blush has a vanilla (kind of like MAC lipstick) scent and a harder formula (or is it just the New Jersey weather?) that offers strong dose of pigment.
 I would call it a "cheek stain" for the strong dose color,  while it also gives a teeny bit of matte finish (the kind I feel with the standard Canmake cream cheek but less foggy). Anyway, the blush stick is easy to apply and spread since it doesn't dry into a streak the moment you glide it on.

Peony looks like a unique enough reddish coral in my small cream blush stash. Blended out, it appears to be a natural flush that last for a whole 10+hr  day (on my bare skin). Next time I will try it with some concealer...Since it kind of made me look windblown for a whole day.


  1. It is adorable! Peony looks like a soft winter color (does that even make sense? ;o).
    10+ hrs is impressive for a stick/cream blush!

    1. I feel like most of the blushes I have kind of look the same on my face though, like all the coral red either look like sunburn or windblow...


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