Sunday, November 16, 2014

Too Faced Perfect Eyes Waterproof Eyeliner & Bulletproof 24hr Eyeliner Swatches

I think I have swatched almost the full range of the Too Faced Perfect Eyes Eyeliner Pencils, except for the black (because the tester wasn't there). Anyway, I got a deluxe sample (with 0.03 oz of product, while the full size has 0.04 oz and a smudge sponge on the other end)  from my order so here is a short review for it.
The pencil is soft and creamy. It's intense without being squishy on the back of hand and does settle to a relatively budge-proof state (a only tiny bit will get rubbed off). However, it's a totally different story on my lids. Maybe it's because my eyes are too oily (and the lid space is too small) but it transfer to upper area of the lids almost right away and smudges pretty badly.
 Due to the creamy texture, it's hard to get a really fine and sharp line with it (unless I use a tiny brush and dip it bit by bit, like a gel eyeliner). Anyway, if you have a bigger lid space, this should be really handy for the cat flick. Anyway, since it doesn't take much space and perform well enough on my hand, I will keep it and someday, I might grow some patience to use it wit a brush, primer and some powder eyeshadow (as a base).
To make the post a little more substantial, here are some swatches for the Bulletproof 24hr eyeliner 

On the hand, these are more budgeproof (compared to perfect eyes) and dries a lot faster. I really like Mink and Dirt Bag so far.

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  1. ooohh purple rain and mink are gorgeous!!!


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