Sunday, September 02, 2012

Too Faced Perfect Eyes Eyeliner, Smashbox Airbrush Whipped Cheek Color Swatches

Some new fall 2012 collection swatches - Too Faced Perfect Eyes Eyeliner is a range of normal pencil liners that liquifies as soon as it's swiped on. To my surprise, the wetter-than-usual formula is not squishy or smudgy at all (as long as you give it 30 seconds to dry) and is fairly rub-proof. The only downside is that the shades don't look like anything new.
The Smashbox waterproof shadow/liner are just one of those jumbo-pencil thing that's a little sheer and waxy . The Airbursh Whipped Cheek Color ($29 for 8g) are potted, dimeticone-rich cream brush with a slightly  bouncy surface and cream-powder hybrid sort of texture. The pigmentation is a little low (especially Dusty Rose) but they seem really fun to poke...

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