Friday, November 28, 2014

Essence Beauty Beats Shimmer Powder

Swag? Can a name for beauty product get any worse? Essence proved that it can indeed, with the limited edition Shimmer Powder in, 01 SWAAAAG! This is not the first time I need to count the number of letters in order to remember the name. 
 The Essence Beauty Beats Shimmer Powder in Swaaaag! is a part of Justin Bieber 2013 World Tour Collection. Despite their poor choice of collection (nowadays we only get one limited edition from Essence, every year!) I grabbed two cheek products without hesitation. I really liked the blush from last year's Twilight Collection, and I feel a little bad for not picking up the highlighting powder.
Swaaaag is a vanilla colored, biscuit scented powder that (given the insane amount of shimmer) meant to be used as highlighter. The texture is very soft that a brush stroke would grab a lot of powder/ton of fly out. While I like how the shimmer is warm golden (instead of straight up white) and very fine, the texture seems very superficial (aka, it floats on the very top of skin, doesn't blend in with natural skin texture to give that glowy finish)when applied heavy-handly in target area. Once blended out, the fine pieces of shimmer just look like they are there...being shimmer.
I have used it alone, over moisturizer and over a brightening (which has mica to luminize) BB cream. This powder looks unnatural on top of all of those canvas...Verdict: Nope.


  1. LOL. I remember having a good laughter when I first heard about the Bieber collection.
    The color is neutral and light enough it showed some potential. Too bad it is too shimmery to the point where you find it unusable. ;-/
    Maybe you can dust it over decollete for special occasions. :)

    1. Forgot to mention the massive flyaway in the pan really kills the mood when you see it, I am thinking about tossing the eyesore...Anyway, I much prefer to use the Mary Loumanizer (which I don't even own...Saw the kit in TJ Maxx and some a-hole just took/stole that blush from the kit). I think this would give me an excuse to look for more highlighter.


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