Thursday, October 09, 2014

Periwinkle - Revlon Colorstay Shadowlinks Eyeshadow

Revlon Colorstay Shadowlinks was introduced around a year ago. These singles eyeshadow are designed in a way that you can clasp several shades together, into a custom palette. I found it difficult to come up a combo, as I found most of these shades either too bland or garish. A while back, the CVS coupon machine printed a 3-dollars-off Revlon coupon for a eye or lip product (during a non-sale week), I decided to use it on an eyeshadow instead, as they were priced at 2.99.
Periwinkle (with a matching cascade 220 yarn...also called Periwinkle) is labeled to have a pearl finish. The blurple with silver pearl seems firmly-pressed yet there are quite a bit of flyaway. I do like the tiny compact, which is no-frill and solidly made.
A single swipe on the arm, this seems a rather pigmented silvery blue lilac, the texture is dry so it felt like a matte shadow (I guess the tiny flecks don't work as a smoothing filler, like conventional mica-induced shimmer does). On the eyes, it does indeed wears like a (poorly made) matte shadow.
First problem was that the "matte" shade doesn't go on skin (luckily, neither do the silver flecks. Because no-color + having random fish-scale bits hanging around isn't all that appealing), this can be easily fixed by a primer...Second problem was that it still doesn't go on well with a primer underneath. I had to dip and re-dip several time to just cover up the small lid area...Even when it's fully-covered (I mean, when I gave up trying), it was a blotchy, powdery mess that just looks dry, weird and gaudy...
For this eyes, I re-dips so many times that my lashes are more tinted than my lid. As for the color under eyes, I didn't apply anything...It was all the fallout from upper lid. I think the only thing I like about it was how easy it was to wash off.

Overall: A shadow that worth every penny I paid for...


  1. that's too bad. the color is pretty!

  2. That is a shame because it is a really pretty color (love the matching yarn!).
    Usually drugstore pastels are the worst (and many high-ends, too). I wonder why that is..;-/

  3. @Dalenna - Well, at least it was free...I mean, I have never used a Revlon shadow that actually works.

    @Lena - Cascade 220 is the softest just-wool yarn I have knitted with...Now I want more colors.


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