Friday, October 10, 2014

Maybelline Baby Lips Electro - Oh Orange

 It's actually Oh! Orange! Since I like the colors of the Baby Lips Electro and the finish/wear wasn't half bad, I went to get another orange one.
The texture is wet, slippery and moisturizing (and wears off very quickly). The orange has a citrus scent, lemon furniture polish type, as artificial as it can be but I like it. Pigmentation is sheer as it's supposed to be but I can be built-up, just like the regular and electro baby lips.
Three Baby Lips - Strike a Rose, Oh Orange and the regular one called Cherry Me (which I have grown to like)
For a sheer orange - This is actually a lovely summery color with a few layers (normally, sheer orange on my purply lip colors adds up to gray). It's nothing too special but I like it as a bag-toss item.


  1. Oh, wow! That actually looks way more orange than I was expecting -- what a great way to keep the summer going (even though it is VERY CLEARLY OVER) :P

    1. Come to Texas, where summer is 6 months long :)


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