Saturday, October 18, 2014

Clinique Soft Matte Lipstick, Chubby Stick Cheek Colour & Baby Tint Swatches

This weekend, I wandered into Sephora (looking for sets from Fresh and OCC but there were none) and ended up playing with some of Clinique's newer releases.
At 16 dollars, the Soft Matte Lipsticks seems very promising: The colors are all pretty (and youthful / not boring) and the texture is smooth and not gritty/patchy at all.
The Chubby Sticks (finally a bit chubby, hehe....) are fun to play with. They feel like very condensed balm with a tad bit of matte finish. On the skin, they are easy to blend and only a tad dewy.
 The four colors (plum, coral, rose, nude) all have a bit of dusky undertone so they should look natural and fresh (and I suspect they would look very similar) on the hand...
As for the chubby sticks (in very sheer but visible milky pink, purple, red and orange) ...all looks blue pink on me, but I swear I didn't swatch the same thing four times. They seems light, glossy and moisturizing (the no-fragrance make it smell a little funny though).

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