Friday, September 12, 2014

Olay Silk Whimsy Body Bar with Massaging Design

 Since my last soap got used up pretty quickly, here is one from a mass market brand just for a change. Olay Silk Wimsey Body Bar with Massaging Design (2.50 for a twin pack) is a heavily fragrant soap with massaging bits on the back. The pink boxed one has rose extract and almond oil.
Olay Silk Whimsey is one of the better-looking soaps I have tired, looking like a giant milk candy with fruity bits (or just glycerin soap bits). The smell off the box is very strong that it lingered in my room for a whole day, while it was there temporarily. The soap is hard but it foams up OK (I have no problem getting a thin film of bubble, which flats out more quickly than I would like) and cleanse well. Luckily, the heavy synthetic fragrance doesn't stay on the skin, nor does the residue. 

The massaging nipples on the back are hard (just like the soap) and feels pretty de-stressing when rubbed on sore areas (not that I work out enough to have any sore muscle) but they flatten out after the 4th wash or so...

Overall: It gets the job of body-washing done while being yummy-looking and cheap. I don't get a luxurious lather but I can deal with it (I will finish up this and second one, no repurchase planned).

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