Monday, September 22, 2014

Canmake Cream Cheek No.10 Sweet Orange

I got Canmake Cream Cheek (Sweet Orange) in a swap with Dalenna ....Back in the winter of 2011. I have been loving this and was just too lazy to put up the review. Recently, I found out that (when I tried to hunt for more online) this shade is getting discontinued. So here comes the better-late-than-never review.
Canmake Cream Cheek is the most compact cheek color in my stash, having a diameter of less than 2 inches, which is smaller than many western brand eyeshadow single. Not only it's light weight and easy to pack into a travel makeup bag, I also don't feel bad having too many of them (I have two of them at the moment but my collection will grow!). 

I tried for years but I never figure out how much product is in each compact. I heard that with daily use, it will run out in about 2 months.
Sweet Orange is a medium (not too bright, not to milky) orange coral with small golden shimmer through out. The shimmer are neither chunky nor frosty so it just gives a fresh glow on top of the coral tint. Cream Cheek has a dry-cream and slightly slippery (silicone-y but not as much as Revlon Cream Blush) texture that goes on and blends very well and among all the cream blush in the drugstore-price range, this is definitely the most pigmented one I have tried.
Canmake Sweet Orange (one swipe), Maybelline Candy Coral (many swipes and some digging involved) and Milani Mai-Tai powder blush. It gives a fresh coral flush (a bit of sun-burnt look) that's very lovely for spring and fall. The finish on the face isn't too powdery but there is a bit of frosted-glass look.
The not-very-helpful list of ingredients: Let see, I only recognize the shorts ones like talc, silica, mica, ferric acid (?), Barium sulfuric acid, Red 226, Yellow 4...


  1. Aww...too bad this is getting discontinued. Glad you like it though! I love that Canmake is coming out with more colors of the Clear Series, but I'm annoyed that the later colors are getting sheerer and sheerer :(

    1. I am pretty excited about the clear ruby cherry that's coming out October (also excited about the new LE Majolica puff de cheek) hopefully it wouldn't be as sheer (I skipped clear happiness because of your review)...

    2. yeah clear happiness was a total bummer. I've got clear peach on my hands and it looks sheer as well. will review it soon. clear ruby cherry does look pretty exciting though! may be i'll hold off until I can get clear ruby cherry and review both at once!


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