Tuesday, August 05, 2014

Maybelline Color Tattoo Leather, Doll Lashes, Baby Lips Crystal, The Nudes Palette and Pure BB

Collective (and overdue) sighting of Maybelline products. Of course I am most excited about the (dusty and neutral...Geez I am getting old that I am excited about neutrals.)  Color Tattoo Leather.
Cream Beige (I am seeing some taupe in it, must be hallucination), Vintage Plum(since my skins turns purply gray when it's color, this would make a great sultry depth sort of color), Chocolate Suede(want!), Dramatic Black (want it as eyeliner), Deep Forest (how am I suppose to do matte green without being a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle...)
Master Kajal Eyeliner
Great Lash Doll Lashes Mascara (seems like a respond to L'Oreal's Miss Manga)

(That smile is awkward) New Baby Lips Crystal with holographic prints that reminds me of my childhood (and all those anime-theme flash cards I collected/got confiscated by my parents...). I got the bright orange and pink (there are creamy milky red-pink, nude, creamy-purple and maybe a rosy one)!
Dream Wonder fluid touch foundation (So, liquid foundation? What's new?)
Some colored eyeliners from summer collection (did I post about these?)
Pure BB Cream
The Nude Palettes (there are too many overlaps with my sunbaked neutral palette, except for the mattes shades which I have no clue how to use anyway).

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