Saturday, August 16, 2014

elf Snow White Makeup Collection

Spotted at Walgreens - Another Disney collection by various (maybe not, since there are only two this time) companies.
elf Snow White Palettes and Brush Set

Bronzer Blush and Kabuki Brush (Snow White wore bronzer?) 
Eyeliner (or is that a mascara) some garish eyeshadow and a random sponge applicator
Finally relevant lips stain, gloss and what seems like cheek color
Makeup bags (probably not by elf)


  1. I purchased some of these things. I'm a sucker for the packaging. The only thing I'm glad I got was the makeup bags because they are really good quality and so cute. I heard the brushes aren't very good quality, and I know the kabuki brush isn't good, but I wish Elf would use their good quality brushes to make the Disney collection ones.

    1. I would totally go crazy over a snow white collection (since I like red lips and cheek and like the color with black hair) if it's from a brand that tries a little harder (I guess elf studio line still count?) like Maybelline and Revlon.


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