Sunday, March 02, 2014

Revlon Moon Candy Nail Enamel in Moon Dust

Quick weekend manicure (that I had during the weekday/removed right away) - Revlon Moon Candy Nail Enamel in Moon Dust is a nail art duo with a black base and irregular flakie top coat. 
There is nothing special about the black. In fact, it's dull, somewhat thin (in a non-creamy way) but luckily it was still easy enough to apply. The one dollar black creme from Wet n Wild is much better at being a basic black.
As for the flakie - It's was mildly gooey, thin and uneven. Removal was also difficult because the flakes would just cling on to the spot and not getting dissolved or washed away (while trapping black polish by the edges). Overall: Do not want.


  1. I almost picked up one these last week during a 40% sale! I was mostly drawn to the flakie top coat but couldn't bring myself to purchase it because I couldn't imagine it being enough for more than a few manicures. Sad about the flakie top coat being gooey, it still looks really pretty!

    1. I bought it when CVS ran the buy and get some extra buck sale (so I guess I paid 3 bucks for it) and it still seems like a waste. I mean, those 7 or 8 dollar flakies from Nicole of Essie has more than 2 x the volumes while being twice as concentrated (minus the hard to remove part)...It all turns out to be equal value. Anyway, this manicure does remind me of those expensive Japanese makie pens though.


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