Saturday, March 15, 2014

Cherry Twist - Sally Hansen Moisture Twist Lip Color & Primer

Sally Hansen Moisture Twist Lip Primer + Primer in Cherry Twist was another clearance find from last year it features a shimmery brownish red gloss and some paler pinkish white stripe primer thingy (they all blend down to a slighter creamier brown-red anyway so why bother). It has a semi-gel-paste consistency and an oatmeal-gone-organic solvent kind of smell (do not want!) but overall the wear is nice and non weighty.
On the lips - It shows up as a healthy red (the purple in my lips tend to make color brighter) and the shimmers are not too noticeable. It wasn't particularly quenching but my lips were in decent condition anyway. Overall: Nice color and OK wear (I prefer something more watery and less pasty) but I hate the smell so I will probably not reach for it.

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