Sunday, February 16, 2014

NYX Baked Shadow & Blush

Spotted at ULTA - New baked eyeshadow and blushes display.
Violet Smoke, Posh, Blush Dream, Ghetto Gold, White Noise
Graffiti, Death Star, Vesper, Easy Rider & Chance. The colors all looks muted and somewhat complex (I am just not a fan of baked formula on eyeshadow)
The blushes are quite popular and there are 8 shades : Full on Femme, Statement Red, Pink Fetish, Foreplay
Spanish Rose, Ignite, Chiffon and Sugar Mama

This one is from CVS - A not yet stocked display of NYX (which means I can use the beauty club reward on these!) 


  1. I picked up the blush in Chiffon a couple weeks ago and love it! It surprisingly lasts on me all day (I've seen a few people say these didn't last long for them).

    1. It's nice to know! Dome blushes like this (Milani and Maybelline) usually fade on me pretty badly but this time I really want to try because of the colors they come up with.


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